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Shipping and delivery:

The gripmore products are mostly produced by orders, and the shipping date is about 7-10 days after the order is confirmed, which varies from product to product.

Order processing and shipping time is from Monday to Friday (excluding national holidays). Please note that in the event of a holiday, we’ll process and ship the order the next business day. Order items cannot be delivered to a PO Box, a Re-shippers, or package forwarding services.

Shipping time and delivery method vary depending on the carrier and the destination.


Return rule

General return

For items purchased on gripmore official website, you can apply for general returns within the 7-day merchandise appreciation period from the date of receipt of the goods (according to the date of receipt on the logistics documents). General return conditions apply to gripmore official website that contains general merchandise, specials, and promotional items. Make-to-order products are not subject to any appreciation or return, except for product defects and size and demand discrepancy.

*Please note that the return of your application is subject to the "Return Conditions" described below.

Return conditions are within the 7-day appreciation period. The product is in its original state and packaging.The product remains intact, unused, un-washed or un-modified, free of stains or cosmetics, and does not affect secondary sales.

The outer packaging of the product should be intact (including the outer or outer packaging, please do not stick the tape directly on our shoe box, please pack the shoe box in another bag or box), with its accessories, instructions, tag, logo, label, etc. completed.

* Remind you that the shoe box for footwear is also a commodity. When returning, the shoe box and shoes must be returned.

If the item you purchased has additional gifts, please return the gift together. The gift is equivalent to the general product. Please maintain the quality and integrity of the gift.

* Remind you that return can’t be accepted if the gift cannot be returned.


Defective Return Claim

Since you received the goods purchased at gripmore's website during the product appreciation period, if you have product quality problems, you can apply for a return to the member account. After the goods returned and received by our after-sales service center, we will immediately process the refund if the return conditions are met.

In order to respect consumer rights, we will comply with relevant legal requirements and gripmore's policy on return of goods.


Please note the following points before applying for a return:

Small thread, raw edge (common in apparel products), color difference due to different monitors (different displays, color difference is difficult to avoid), thick controversy (individual definition can not be identified), weave, feel, clothes details can’t be accepted for return or exchange.

Return or exchange due to factors such as style, color, and subjective willingness and preferences can’t be applied as it is not a commodity problem.

Return or exchange can’t be accepted if the damage caused by your use, washing, maintenance or maintenance or the damage caused by your own repair, modification or other human or external factors.

If you request a return due to a size problem, it is not a quality problem. Please refer to the product size chart before purchasing the product.


* Remind you that due to the unavoidable error in the measurement size, the parameters of the specific size of the product shall be subject to the actual product.

Cases where returns are not accepted:

Items that are not purchased on the official Gripmore shopping site, whether they are general or defective.

Purchased goods have exceeded the product appreciation period.

Returned goods are incomplete or damaged, such as: goods, shoe boxes and gifts.

Returned goods are used, washed, processed (such as: size modification), dirty (broken) damage, damage, damaged or damaged goods tags, etc., and can not be sold for the second time.

The products purchased on the gripmore website only provide online return service, and there is currently no physical store return. At the same time, the products purchased in the physical store cannot be returned by the gripmore official website.


Return process

You can contact customer service directly.



Once the returned goods have been confirmed to meet the return conditions, we will refund the amount actually paid when you purchased the goods through the original payment method within 7 working days upon receipt of return goods.

If you purchase a product with full discount or other preferential activities, you will not be able to enjoy the discount after returning some products. We have the right to settle the price of each product at the time of purchase and deduct the corresponding difference from the refund amount.

Remind you that the refund time will depend on the different refund methods and the specific operations of different banks, which may take 10-15 business days.

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