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國際獎項/International Award

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gripmore is happy to boast a truly impressive selection in athletic equipment and sportswear. Different categories serve different purposes, so whether you’re looking for quality fit for professionals or comfort and performance, come into the store to learn more about the categories we carry.

   2019    德國紅點設計獎

一體成型襪子鞋面多功能鞋                         Sock-pro Sock Upper Hybrid Shoes  

   2017    德國紅點設計獎

   一體式室內襪子鞋     Integral Indoor Sock Shoes 

   2017    德國紅點設計獎

    仿生皮料多功能鞋       Biomimetic Skin Hybrid Shoes

   2017    德國紅點設計獎

       仿生蛇/魚皮        Biomimetic Reptile/Fish Skin

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+886 2 28866518

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